Slightly Imperfect.

At Present...


Presently, I make people dance. I spin on Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays) at The Shrine, one of the few places in Harlem where you can get in for free and dance until 4am. Well, more like 3:45am. Need a DJ? Email me anytime. Like to socialize? Follow @JPBiamby.

As the owner of my own boutique advertising and merchandising company JiPsCo and previously the SVP of Business Development at Brand Marketers NYC Inc., I was a key figure in the development of the digital division responsible for incubating innovative advertising technologies. Additionally, I've developed a network called Experiential Advertising, which is a platform for Marketing and Advertising Professionals, Media Buyers & Planners to learn, discuss and share innovative ideas on Non-Traditional and Digital Out Of Home Advertising campaigns. Contact me anytime, as I am open to discussing any opportunities. View my resume in iBooks, download a copy in PDF format or Email me to request a hard copy or to schedule a meeting.

Biography of JP Biamby

Born in New York City, JP Biamby, graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia with a Bachelors of Business Administration. A passion for the arts, media and technology keeps this entrepreneur motivated, however he is inspired by the creativity of artists, musicians and actors. His career began with HBO, where he was responsible for digitizing the entire library of film reviews, licensing, content and rating information. Next at Sony Music, JP coordinated Ron Grantís R&B Showcase under the auspices of Sony Music Studios for record executives at in-house boutique labels like Epic, Columbia, 550 Music and the WORK Group.


Following his tenure at Sony Music, as Co-Founder of Audiology Recording Studio who's clients were Ice T, Treach, Lil Kim, Sticky Fingaz, Fat Joe, Phife Dog along with Select Records and Def Jam. Always ahead of the curve this led to Silverback Digital Studios, a successful HD Video Editorial Production Company.